Educating of self-cleanliness in growing girls (body -odor)

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  1. Ayowole Damilola Jeremiah says:

    A timely orientation on the importance of maintaining good personal cleanliness is a quintessential approach to preventing the awful consequences that may follow soonest if such a step is not taken. It should be timely because human seem to be more malleable and make needed adjustments when they are not yet fully formed in their characters and there habit, such like in the growing girls, failure to intimate them with this necessity predisposes to a longterm deformity in their overall personal hygeine life.

    A good hygienic practice has a way of holistically defining human’s lives, especially those of the growing up girls who will soon grow up to become mothers, and you can guess the kind of home a mother who have ignorantly grown from childhood and girlhood into adulthood without encountering a due correction and modification of a sound and enviable hygeinic practice.

    Therefore, it is expedient to strike the metal while it is still hot and set growing up girls into the path of practicing good personal hygiene as they grow up because their level of hygiene practice will not only affect their lives, but will affect those of their imminent family members in a greater dimension.

  2. Although it has been argued that majority of people with bad odour got it perinatally probably due to inadequate cleansing of the amniotic fluid, poor self care has been shown to contribute immensely to such stench.This alone can lead to bad odour.It can also serve as a precipitating factor in an individual who’s already perinatally predisposed
    There are many reasons why an individual may be care free as regards his body care.One of such is low self esteem. An individual who feels he’s not as important as others in his immediate environment may deem it unnecessary to look or smell great . Another reason is psychotic disorder. A psychopathic fellow often lacks self care due to cognitive impairment
    It’s thus imperative to impact the importance of self care on the growing children to avoid future embarrasment.Also many infections have been associated with poor hygiene as this provides a suitable culture for bacteria to grow. Thus ,the life of a child can be saved from premature death due to preventable infections (like otitis media, meningitis) by simply enlightening them on good hygiene

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