Influence of technology in marriage

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3 Responses

  1. OLOWOOKERE Oluwapelumi says:

    The damning reality of our day! It’s so pathetic. Many a youth are obsessed with the new media, and it’s in no small way ‘slaughter’ relationships that matters for fleeting ones.
    God help us!

  2. Ayowole Damilola Jeremiah says:

    While technology has successfully fostered the growth of some relationships, it has been implicated a culprit in orchestrating the destruction of many.
    But, it’s rather unfortunate that this menace cannot be checkmated on a definite general platform, but on a individual level, based on the differential level of discipline of varying individuals at using the two edged technology.

    Unarguably, technology has succeded in creating various platforms that has reduced communication gaps in relationships but it has also succeded in breaching and breaking communication gap in relationships, this it does by creating avenues in distracting individuals from their sole committed relationships into the less important ones which could also be argued to be equally important to answer to, hence causing a gradual breaking away in the initially solidified relationships.

  3. Jay Jay says:

    Technology has made it easier,faster and cheaper to stay in touch with our loved ones. However,one must always make a conscious effort not to focus on online interactions at the expense of face to face quality time with one’s spouse.

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