The danger of drug use while pregnant.

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  1. Ayowole Damilola Jeremiah says:

    The use of unprescribed drugs could be dangerous in all respect. The repercussions most times is not limited to the mother, but it’s a pity that an unborn child will also pay dearly for the mistake of an ignorant mother.
    Thanks for the piece, and I do believe the female folks will get to read this piece and duely apply themselves.

  2. It’s beside the point to be taking unprescribed medications during pregnancy because some drugs actually cross blood placenta barrier and affect the fetus.
    For instance, thalidomide is a drug once used to treat hyperemesis gravidarum. But it was later found out that the drug was responsible for the congental physical deformities seen in such children. These included partial or complete absence of a limb
    Some drugs can also impair blood flow to the fetus and lead to intrauterine growth restrictions. Thus, pregnant women should be encouraged to seek opinion of their health specialist before commencing any drug

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