Pregnancy delay, when to call a reproductive specialist.

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  1. OLOWOOKERE Oluwapelumi says:

    I think this is timely for the millions of infertile couples out there… It’s gratifying to know reproductive medicine is becoming increasingly specialised with many subspecialties carving out their own unique niche.

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  2. A couple should wait till they have at least a year of unprotected penetrative, ejaculatory intercourse before being worried of infertility. And it’s worthy of a note that despite the fact that most men leave their wife to quest for the aetiology of their infertility, they both have equal chances of being the one with pathology considering the fact that both male and female factors contribute 40% each of the aetiology of infertility. As such they both should be thoroughly investigated

  3. Jay Jay says:

    As opposed to what a lot of people in our environment think,both men and women need to be evaluated properly to determine the aetiology of infertility. It is not just the woman’s problem! So,like you pointed out,there are tests that can be run on both the man and the woman,
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