Use of Drug and your Health

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3 Responses

  1. Use of drugs can sometimes be hazardous . Some drugs have some side effects like nephrotoxic, ototoxic, hepatotoxic etc.As such, proper pharmacology of drugs should be reviewed before prescription
    Also, prolonged symptomatic treatment of disease can lead to dependence

  2. OLOWOOKERE Oluwapelumi says:

    Drugs are potential poisons, only the appropriate use under the guidance of a competent medical professional can minimize the downsides of medicines.

    All things are poison, and nothing is without poison, the dosage alone makes it so a thing is not a poison.

  3. Jay Jay says:

    All drugs have side effects,there is no perfect medication. To avoid/minimize these side effects as much as possible, one must take drugs only when they are prescribed by a competent physician.

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